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Bringing Payments to the Network

The Global Telecom Inter-Payments Alliance, or GTiP Alliance, is an industry alliance whose vision is to move telecom and retail initiated Direct Carrier Billing solutions forward to become the dominant payment method of choice of consumers and merchants when using mobile digital payments.

GTiP’s mission is to launch, grow and sustain a secure, scalable and interoperable direct carrier billing decentralised network using a native cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies explicitly created to address the unique business and technical requirements of the telecoms industry.

This innovative and market-defining mobile digital payments network will take advantage of the cross-carrier connectivity, capacity and investments in global telecommunications networks while leveraging the latest innovations in distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency designs to create an ecosystem that benefits consumers, merchants and communication service providers globally.

The GTiP Alliance is the sponsoring body of the GTiP payment protocols and related opens source cryptocurrency project and open source sub-projects, providing stewardship on their development and implementation.

Key alliance initiatives

GTiP Cryptocurrency

The GTiP Alliance stewards the GTiP open source software projects that anchor GTiP’s cryptocurrency. These innovations include a groundbreaking consensus protocol, Proof of Speed™, and fast, post-quantum secure cryptography designed for deployment on constrained and embedded device environments.

  • Post-Quantum Secure

    Future proof against quantum computer attacks. Efficient cryptography for wide device support.

  • Dual Distributed Ledger

    Zero-knowledge ledger only stores data necessary for KYC/AML compliance and prunes everything else.

  • Smart Contract Plugins

    Supports Bitcoin Script, Solidity, Simplicity or custom. Bring your own smart-contract system.

  • Rich Ecosystem

    Full suite of APIs for 3rd party add-ons. Cloud and enterprise deployment ready.

  • Fast Transaction Confirmation

    Thousands of transactions per second. Minters awarded for speed, not compute power.

  • Mobile First Design

    Supports on-line / in-store / P2P and IoT fractional payments. SDKs for iOS, Android and C.

  • Instant Authorisation

    Instant transaction authorisation enables commerce at the speed of the network.

  • Governance Organisation

    Alliance model provides robust governance over design, development and operations.

For more information or to contribute to these projects visit docs.gtipalliance.org.

The GTiP Payment Protocols

The GTiP Payment Protocols are a series of specifications that define the operation and implementation of a cross-carrier payments networks through the implementation of the GTiP cryptocurrency and its breakthrough Proof of Speed™ consensus protocol. The GTiP Alliance is committed to maturing the GTiP Payment Protocols rapidly with the objective of submitting the specifications to recognised standards development organisation(s) for formal standardisation and working alongside industry associations such as the GSMA and Distributed Ledger Foundation. For more information or to contribute to these specifications visit the docs.gtipalliance.org.

The Global Telecom Inter-Payments Network

The GTiP Alliance intends to operationalise the specifications and related cryptocurrency into a live payments network by mid-2019. The coordination, planning and launch of this effort happen as part of the charter of GTiP. This network will utilise the GTiP Payment Protocol set of specifications, the GTiP cryptocurrency and related open source projects to deliver near-instantaneous, secure, and compliant transactions with practically unlimited capacity and throughput.

Governance and Oversight

Working with partners such as the Distributed Ledger Foundation, the GTiP Alliance provides governance and oversight on both the development of the GTiP Payment Protocols set of specifications, the related open source projects, and the implementation and operations of the cryptocurrency network built on them. The Alliance defines and enforces both technical requirements, implementation guidance, business logic, smart contracts, cryptographically implemented compliance rules and operational practices among and between members.

Advisors and Contributors

Board Directors

  • Brian Spector

    Brian is an experienced cryptologist and entrepreneur who has spent his career building and selling platforms to the telecommunications industry. Brian is a co-founder of the Apache Milagro open source identity-based cryptography project and co-author of five zero-knowledge proof patents in the field of authentication and blockchain.

  • Giles Watkins

    Giles is a former KPMG partner across cybersecurity, identity and privacy practices and renown privacy and identity specialist. Giles is a member of the ISO Committee for Standards on Blockchain, the Co-Chair of Open Identity Exchange (OIX) Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Forum and the UK Country Leader for the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Advisors and Contributors

  • Howard Kitto

    Howard is the former CTO of the Perform Group, a telecom company, and managed 250 person engineering team, culminating with an IPO and joining FTSE 250 with a £1B valuation. Howard has served as a technology strategist for the Ladbible Group and is a consultant and technical advisor to several Asian telecoms.

  • Chris Morris

    Chris is the former CTO of Heliopay, a bitcoin and digital currency ATM network company in Europe. Chris has spent over twenty years in software development and has been involved in cryptocurrency development since 2009.

  • Ken Rutsky

    Ken is a marketing consultant, Stanford MBA and Silicon Valley veteran with over twenty years in B2B marketing roles. Ken started the Intel Inside broadcast co-op program in 1991, ran network security marketing at McAfee and is the author of Amazon best-seller Launching to Leading.

  • Dr Theodosis (Theo) Mourouzis

    Theo is a cryptologist and information security professional. He holds a PhD in Information Security with Specialisation in Cryptography from the University College London.

  • Dr Raymond Choo

    Raymond is a cryptologist and information security professional, a Fulbright Scholar and Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He holds a PhD in Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology.

  • Dr Stylianos Kampakis

    Stylianos is an expert data scientist, statistician and Research Fellow at the University of London Blockchain Lab. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University College London (UCL).

  • Dr Huang Lin

    Huang is a cryptologist specialising in post-quantum secure protocols. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Huang has published a wide array of research on the field of post-quantum cryptographic protocols and one-time linkable ring signatures.

  • Dr Zhenchuan Chai

    Zhenchuan is a cryptologist specialising in embedded hardware design and linux kernels. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a specialisation in cryptography and is the author of several patents in the field of embedded cryptographic engineering.

Become a member

For more information and to apply for membership to the Alliance please complete this form or email members@gtipalliance.org. GTiP Alliance does not sell or release any data to any 3rd parties.